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Real Estate Settlement

When you're buying a home you're supposed to stay focused on your big picture. From your family's future to your financial future.

That's why at Long & Foster Settlement Services, we scrutinize the critical details of your deal. Our settlement experts in your area will meticulously vet your new home's title, get your legal documents in order, and protect the future you've pictured.


What Do Long & Foster Settlement Companies Do?

Your Long & Foster Settlement Services partner will integrate into your real estate team, working with you, your lender, and your agent to ensure a successful transaction. Communication and coordination are critical not just to prepare for closing day, but to make sure you and your ownership rights are protected long-term.


Title Search & Status

It's our job to pore over local court records and make sure there are no unresolved claims or liens on the home's title.
We'll work to resolve any issues or inconsistencies and even order a survey, if the previous one is out of date.



Title Insurance

Even the most detailed title investigation isn't infallible.
We'll insure you and your lender against unexpected title issues and the financial devastation they could bring.



Document Prep

We also integrate into your home buying team, working with you, your lender, and your agent to prep the closing paperwork.
Experts in your neighborhood, we stay up on changes in local real estate laws to make sure all of your documents comply.



Closing Coordination

With all your questions answered and paperwork ready, we'll synchronize the buyer, seller, and agents to schedule the final closing.
We'll also handle getting all the checks, deeds, affidavits, and authorization letters for the big day.



Final Closing

As your settlement coordinator, we act as a neutral third-party to oversee the transaction.
We not only make sure i's are dotted and t's are crossed, but collect funds, hold them in escrow, and disburse them on time.



Filing & Recording

After your smooth settlement, we file the deed and documents with the county for posterity. You head off with the keys to your new home and we head to the courthouse.

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Why You Need Title Insurance

Title insurance protects you and is required by most lenders. If ever a previous owner's long-lost heir, ex-spouse, or unpaid contractor materializes to stake a claim on your home, title insurance protects you.
Banks know that title issues can occasionally come up down the line. No matter how exhaustive the title search. That's why you can't even get a mortgage without a lender's policy, covering the amount of the loan.
We also recommend protecting your own investment with an owner's policy. Standard policies cover just your purchase price, while an enhanced policy includes appreciation, too.

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Local Market Knowledge at Your Service

Settlement practices are hyper-local. Even within the same county or city, closings could be conducted by title insurance companies, escrow firms, lenders, or lawyers.
Our settlement companies know the legal nuances of their local markets and will make sure your closing follows all the rules.

Our Family of Settlement Companies

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