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Living in West End, Richmond, VA 

The West End is a sprawling section of Richmond that includes several neighborhoods, though these may vary depending on which local you ask. In general, the West End stretches from I-195 west to the University of Richmond, though continuing development leads many to include Tuckahoe as part of the "Far West End." This is the most suburban area of Richmond, and the farther west you go, sidewalks and tight neighborhoods give way to sprawling newer developments that require residents to drive rather than walk to neighborhood amenities.

Things to Do in the West End Neighborhood

The cultural heart of the West End is the University of Richmond, which features a vibrant academic scene filled with NCAA Division-I sporting events, theatrical productions, and other campus events. The University lies within the same setting, where comfortable, gracious homes fill winding streets lined with pine trees and well-kept lawns.

This highly livable area is filled with all sorts of suburban amenities as well, including multiplexes for the latest Hollywood feature films, retail malls, and a bevy of chain and independent restaurants. The Wilton House Museum and Agecroft Hall offer interesting tours enjoyed by longtime residents as well as tourists.

Why Live Here

Many residents choose Richmond, Virginia's West End for its larger lots and newer homes, as well as convenient access to I-64 for work and play. The West End also provides many traditional suburban retail outlets, chain restaurants, and grocery stores within a short driving distance from home.

Homes for Sale in Richmond's West End

West End real estate consists largely of single-family homes on spacious lots. Older and smaller homes are located closer to I-195 and the University of Richmond. The farther west you go in the West End, the newer and larger homes typically become, though the area in general provides a mix of home styles and prices. The West End attracts families looking for good school districts while maintaining a short drive into downtown Richmond for work, and the neighborhood is distinctly upper middle class. Rental homes are available, and popular apartment complexes with various amenities dot Tuckahoe and Far West End areas.

Fun Facts About the West End

Living in the West End can feel quite suburban, with strip malls and chain restaurants as much a part of the landscape in the Far West End as stately brick homes are a feature in Near West End. Tying it all together is Monument Avenue, a boulevard with a grassy center dotted with statues of Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson, and Arthur Ashe.


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What Locals Love

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  • Richmond’s West End is home to the University of Richmond—a private liberal arts college with over 4,000 students.
  • Residents and tourists alike enjoy visiting the Wilton House Museum to see its historical collections of artwork, ceramics, furniture and more.
  • The neighborhood’s school districts and its close driving distance to downtown Richmond make it appealing to many residents.


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